6 tips to help you avoid the Holiday FAT:

15 Dec

This time of year can get pretty hectic.
Buying presents for people, getting caught up at work so you can take a much needed vacation, and getting ready for travel plans or having
visitors.  And the downside?  Packing on a few un-needed kilogramms of fat chowing down on Xmas pudding and cocktail shakes.

..Top 5 simple tips to help you avoid the Holiday Bulge:

1.  Fill Up On Fiber:
I’m not taking about drinking a glass of Metamucil here! No sire. When you fill your plate grab a few extra scoops of fruits and vegetables. They will fill you up a bit and stop you from eating too much of the good stuff.
2.  Drink More Water:
We all know this one already right?  But how many of us actually do it. I was supposed to drink a 2 liters of water today and so far I’m short. Add a few extra glasses of water per day and you won’t be as hungry for snacks.  Water is good at tricking your brain into thinking it’s full.
3.  Pre-Eat:
What the heck is pre-eating?  I do this sometimes.  If I know I’m going to a party and I’m not sure what they are serving or I’m not sure if I can wait until dinner is served I’ll drink a protein shake before going to the party. This way you eat less at dinner and you know you at least got something semi-healthy in you before you cheat.
4.  Avoid The Snack Table:
At the next party you go to be sure to avoid the seat that is right next to all the food.  You’ll just be tempted to keep picking away.  If you want food you’ll have to actually get up and go get it. Much harder then just reaching over.
5.  Change Your Training:
Here’s the bottom line. Unless you are totally obsessed with training your schedule is probably going to be pretty busy this December.
You’ll likely miss a few workouts and but not necessarily gain a few kilograms.
6. Change negative to positive!
Change the tables and the way you thinking. Use this holiday time not to gain weight but loose weight. Or gain extra muscles. 

And last.  It’s not the end of the world. Enjoy your holiday. Spend time with your family and friends. In fact why not take a break from the heavy lifting for a few weeks to give your joints and body a break.  It would actually be a perfect time to start some fat burning workouts.


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