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About supplements

3 Jul

There are different rules for when and how you are suppose to take your supplements, some foods should be avoided with certain vitamins for example. Even essential nutrients are toxic at some level of intake. Among the most important ones to avoid taking too much of are vitamin A, D and B6.

Excess vitamin A (retinol) can cause birth defects when a women is taking too much at conception and during early pregnancy.
Vitamin D excess can result in the calcification of blood vessels and cause damage to kidneys, heart and lungs.
Excess intake of vitamin B6 can cause permanent damage to sensory nerves.
Excess intake (and inadequate) calcium intake increase the risk of kidney stones. Excess intake of iron interfere with the absorption of other minerals, like zinc.

It’s important to remember that every RDV and UL are set for normal, healthy people. If you are on some kind of medication that might increase or decrease your need for a nutrient. For example, aspirin and ibuprofen increases your need for folic acid. If on blood thinners, supplementation with vitamin E and K should be avoided because they will complicate your condition.

Avoid taking your supplement pill with milk because the calcium will hinder minerals from being absorbed. Calcium needs vitamin D to get fully absorbed, so make sure your supplement or milk contains both. And vitamin D needs fat to get absorbed by the body, so always take our omega-3 pill with your calcium/vitamin D or make sure that your milk contains fat (so do not drink fat free milk). Your vitamin pill will probably only contain about 10-12% of RDV when it comes to calcium and the reason for that is that if it contained 100%, the pill would first of all be too big to swallow and second you’ll need to space out your calcium for best absorption and preferably take it with food. The body can only handle about 400 mg/hour.

Iron needs vitamin C to be absorbed properly and iron should not be taken close to drinking coffee.

In fact, nutritional supplement is complement nutrition but not a suitable for food. Traditionally, nutritional supplements include different minerals, vitamins, botanicals and substances that are derived from different natural resources.

You have to understand that supplements are not drugs. In fact, drugs are used to ease the pain inflicted as well as cure different diseases. As well they work quite hard for the human body and can have different side effects. And thus, the user of drugs traditionally has a health care specialist’s prescription. At the same time, the majority of nutritional supplements work like dietary supplements in addition to the food consumed on a daily basis. Traditionally, people consume food supplements in some health conditions. Including multivitamin and multimineral dietary supplements into your diet is quite useful for preventing different diseases. For instance, vitamin C is considered to relief and prevent fever. As well supplements are substances that help optimize the human body function properly.

Health experts claim that nutritional supplements are quite safe for people. The main reason is that the substances that are contained in supplements are natural substances. In addition, some supplement manufacturers have been doing intensive research in the different products of their supplements.

But, even if dietary supplements proven to be effective and safe to prevent the disease, this does not obviously mean that you could avoid conventional medicine and relying only on regular nutritional supplements. You always have to consult your doctor first, especially if you are going to combine supplements with medicines for your health care. For instance, the consultation is quite necessary for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Great examples of the use of nutritional supplements that are able to strengthen the immune system are to use supplements that contain such vitamins as A and C. In order to eliminate toxins you have to take supplements that include vitamin C, vitamin E, beta carotene and chlorophyll. If you have to overcome inflammation, then you need supplements with vitamin C and vitamin E..


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